KickVac Central Vac
Keep your RV and Motorhome clean with no fuss and no hassle
Reach Everywhere – hose extends from 6ft to 18ft (1.8m – 5.5m)
Slide out drawer to quickly empty re-usable bag

The KickVac Central Vac

The Ultimate Fitted Vacuum for RV’s and Motorhomes

3 attachments provided, – clean in a jiffy, and keep pet hair under control
A flexible hose extends from 6ft to 18ft (1.8m to 5.5m)
Cleaner air with our washable HEPA filter

Holidays are not about cleaning

As a caravanner you know that keeping your space organized and tidy allow you and your family to enjoy wonderful holidays together. Dragging in grass clippings, sea sand, and pet hair can make for messy floors and upholstery. Sweepovac conveniently tucked away in the void space underneath your cabinets is the ultimate vacuum solution to this problem. Dirt can be swept to it and dispatched in seconds by just kicking the switch and allowing the powerful vacuum to suck in all floor sweepings.

For carpets, upholstery or those hard to reach places, simply plug in the easy to handle extendable hose. With 3 attachments provided, you will have carpets clean in a jiffy, upholstery spotless and pet hair under control. Easy to empty, just slide out the tray and empty. With re-usable bags included you never have to buy bags again.

  • Powerful Suction – 5 times the power of most handheld vacuums
  • Reach Everywhere – easy to handle snap in hose extends from 6ft to 18ft (1.8m – 5.5m)
  • Tools included – Upholstery, carpets, wood, pets
  • Hepa Filter – Excellent Air Quality

Fitted in Under 30 Minutes

KickVac is Single unit and easily installed in practically any RV or Motorhome just a single opening to be cut and plugs into a regular electrical outlet (120V US/ 220-240V EU). No plumbing and no piping.

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