Design & Product Testing at Sweepovac

At Sweepovac, our commitment to quality starts with design. Each Sweepovac product takes three years from concept through to finished article. We go through a process of continued prototyping with the customer experience tested at each stage.

Our goals are two fold. To ensure that functionality is intuitive, and that complexity is designed out to ensure a long maintenance free life.

Triple Lock Quality Testing

All our products go though a triple lock quality testing process.

Stage 1 – each and every machine is inspected and tested on the production line by our own test engineer.

Stage 2 – Samples from each production run are put through 20,000 cycles at the factory which is equivalent to a 20 year life usage

Stage 3 – Random samples are further tested to 20,000 cycles at our headquarters in Ireland.

We apply lean six sigma principles to our manufacturing process to ensure that quality is embedded and continually improving. We have traceability on every component back to the original supplier.

Quality Testing Demonstration Video

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International Markets

We carry full compliance for multiple international markets including:

  • CE for Europe
  • GS for Germany
  • MET for the USA and Canada
  • SAA – for Australia and New Zealand
  • FCC for low voltage appliances

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