Sweepovac BigKick

249.00 inc VAT

Worlds Greatest Vacuum Solution
For Compact Living Spaces

Storing and handling clunky vacuums is cumbersome and takes up valuable space. The Sweepovac BigKick is an ideal space-saving solution, perfect for small living spaces such as mobile homes, tiny houses, RV’s & motorhomes

The BigKick system allows you to build in a permanent powerful space-saving vacuum at low cost and with minimal labor input.

Quick and easy to empty
3 re-usable bags included – never buy bags again!
Two functions in one machine


The perfect partner for

Keeping your kitchen cleaner just got a lot easier with Sweepovac – a simple, powerful always available vacuum to suck away floor sweepings. Conveniently placed in the kitchen and instantly available at any time, requires no setup or put away time.

Sweepovac makes your life easier by reducing household work and you’ll never have to use a dustpan again – simply dispose of your floor sweepings in 3 seconds flat.

• Large Recreational Vehicles and Apartments

• Mobile Homes and Home Office

• Tiny homes or Any small living space

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