Sweepovac Handvac 8K
One of the most powerful handheld vacuums on the market today
The power to thoroughly clean cars and trucks
Pet Tool
Included as Standard

Class-leading suction power

Delivering an exceptional 7.6 Kpa of suction, the Sweepovac 8K Hand Held is a leader in power output

Hand Vac Drawer
Great for cleaning nooks & crannies
Hand Vac Dog
Our unique pet-grooming tool included as standard
The power to thoroughly clean cars & trucks

Bye-Bye Dustpan -

The Sweepovac 8K is compact and easy to use, it is outstanding for quick household cleaning tasks. It is robust, tough and designed for busy families and those who want a hand-held vacuum with the power to really clean.

Clean those awkward nooks and crannies, give the stairs a once-over or quickly clean the car. The Sweepovac 8K Hand Held comes with a selection of tools to cover all jobs, including our unique pet-grooming tool.

Our unique pet grooming tool is included as standard. It’s soft rubber bristles gently groom and remove loose hair from your dog or cat. Unique to Sweepovac this is an excellent way to manage pet hair.

No nonsense convenience is the hallmark of the Sweepovac 8K.

Bag-less and very easy to empty. Just one click of a button and the sweepings are disposed of. Our special stainless steel filter will last for years and can be washed again and again.

The Sweepovac 8k Hand Held is unrivaled for:

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