Powerful fitted vacuum for RV’S & MOTORHOMES

An affordable luxury that’s a real convenience for your customers

  • No piping, no plumbing and no connectors

  • Flexibility – easy to fit in a variety of locations

  • Single cut out

  • Single electrical outlet 

Quick to install

Motorhome manufacturers love the simplicity and functionality of Sweepovac. So easy to fit with just a single cut out, a single electrical outlet and no plumbing or piping. The result is a beautifully designed single point vacuum which includes a kick pan, a hose plug in point and an emptying tray all from the same location.

Of course with no plumbing and no piping there is little to go wrong. At less than 4” high it can be easily fitted in many different locations and takes up no valuable space. Re-usable bags means customers never have to worry about buying bags. Add in a two year replacement warranty and including Sweepovac as a standard item makes absolute sense.

A real benefit

A simple and affordable way to add real practical value for customers and to differentiate your offering from the competition. A chance to make happy campers happier!

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