I’m Henry, the founder of Sweepovac. As a relatively young company, with our own original vacuum patents, we work very hard to make vacuums that make life easier. 

We believe that for a vacuum to be effective it must be powerful. To satisfy its owner, it must be easy to use. Our philosophy is simple; create incredibly powerful vacuum cleaners that are very easy to use.

These two factors, power and convenience make cleaning easier, more thorough and less time-consuming. We think time is valuable, less time doing mundane cleaning or household chores leaves more time for the things you enjoy doing.

We launched our original Sweepovac Kick Vacuum a number of years ago and it is now sold in over 20 countries worldwide. It is a favourite among RV and Caravan owners as well as homeowners. 

We are a company founded and run by engineers so we have a strong culture of quality materials, robust design, and reliable production techniques. However, we also have a deep interest and understand of how people perform tasks the way they do so we develop products which will exceed expectations.

I was fortunate to be brought up on a farm and had a lifetime of trying to engineer easier ways to achieve tasks more efficiently.  A good example of this is my famous water power barbecue. Designed so I could cook for my large extended family and friends with less work   – https://vimeo.com/341631153

We hope you like our vacuums and that they help make your cleaning tasks easy. We would love your feedback and opinions, so please email us or post a review to let us know what you think. This helps us to continually improve our products and serve you, our customers better.

From all at the Sweepovac team