Big Kick

249.00 inc VAT


Sweepovac Big Kick – The worlds ,most powerful plinth vacuum.

Kick the switch to remove sweepings or Use the extendable for incredibly powerful vacuuming.

The Sweepovac “Big Kick” is a full vacuum solution for smaller living spaces up to 110 m2 (1200ft sq). It provides an incredibly powerful vacuum that is concealed and space saving.

The only vacuum available offering 2 in 1 functionality with a single machine. Home owners can plug in the flexible pipe for normal vacuuming or they can use the Kick Pan to quickly get rid of floor sweepings and kitchen debris.

Our hose is very easy to handle and extends from 3 metres to an incredible 10 metres (10ft – 33ft). Almost everybody needs to vacuum their home or work area. Storing and handling clunky vacuums is cumbersome and takes up valuable space.

The Big Kick system allows you to build in a permanent powerful space saving vacuum at low cost and minimal labour input.

A cleaning work horse for apartments, garages, holiday homes, mobile homes, boats or any compact living area.

  • 1200 watt motor
  • 23 KPA of suction power
  • Flexible hose that extends from 10ft to 33ft (3m to 10m)
  • Includes telescopic extension pipe and a range of attachments.
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