One of the strongest cordless stick vacuums on the market.


Cordless, Quick and Easy


with our unique flexible hose.

There’s clean, then there’s Sweepovac clean.

Delivering an exceptional 18 Kpa of suction, the Sweepovac 18K StickVac is a leader in cleaning

Easy to empty 

Keep pet hairs under control with our special grooming tool

4 LED lights to illuminate area

Powerful suction – Nimble and lightweight control at your fingertips

The Sweepovac 18K Power Stick is one of the most powerful cordless stick vacuums on the market. Our 90,000 rpm motor delivers enormous suction in a lightweight and quiet, beautifully designed vacuum.

With a motorised spinning brush, it can tackle the toughest cleaning jobs in the home, the car or the office and it can tackle the hairiest pets.

No more cords or plugs, no dragging or unfurling hoses, no difficult setup. Simply grab the Stickvac from its stand and get vacuuming. Delivering 45 minutes of fade-free suction and a sensor that adjusts the power automatically, cleaning has never been so easy.

In addition to its very powerful suction, The Sweepovac 18K has some unique features:

  • Flexible pipe for easy car cleaning
  • A special pet grooming tool
  • One touch on/off switch
  • One touch power up and power down
  • Super easy to empty
  • Freestanding docking station

StickVac demonstration videos

1 – Using the Sweepovac StickVac 18K – 43 secs
2 – Cleaning pet hair with the Sweepovac StickVac 18K – 30 secs
3 – Car cleaning with the Sweepovac 18k stick vacuum – 36 secs
4 – Sweepovac StickVac 18K VERSUS Dyson V8